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Porch Owl Digi Stamp

I often leave the screen door open on my sun porch.  This little guy flew in and it took him a little while to find his way back out.  I couldn’t really help him: if I’d gone out there, all  I would have done is send him into a panic.  So I watched for a few minutes from inside.  No problem: he worked it out. Tiny little guy, maybe five inches long to the tips of his tail feathers.  Cute…

Graduation Owl Clipart

So, is the wise old owl wise because he stayed in school or did he stay in school because he’s wise? Either way, it’s obvious he stayed in school long enough to graduate — I mean, they don’t hand out those mortarboards to just anyone.. Click for Free Download: Graduation Owl Digi Stamp    

Cute Owl Digital Stamp

Even though I didn’t intend to make a realistic owl when I was designing this piece, I simply had to know how many toes should be showing. It seemed important, but pictures of owl feet were confusing — after looking at several, I still couldn’t tell if there should be two toes or three (per foot). And then I found this: “An Owl’s foot has four toes. When in flight, 3 of these toes face forward, and one backwards. When…