Porch Owl Digi Stamp

I often leave the screen door open on my sun porch.  This little guy flew in and it took him a little while to find his way back out.  I couldn’t really help him: if I’d gone out there, all  I would have done is send him into a panic.  So I watched for a few minutes from inside.  No problem: he worked it out.

Tiny little guy, maybe five inches long to the tips of his tail feathers.  Cute, brown, fluffy — and now, in this picture, immortalized (sort of).

Click for Free Download: Porch Owl Digi Stamp 

Porch Owl Digi Stamp


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Mr. Pfoinkle

In the dollar-earning world, I've mostly concerned myself with very controlled, precise binary thingies, and that's been fine. I like the digital world.

But for picture-making, I get well away from that headspace. It's less cerebral and much more tactile. Brush and nib; swoosh and smoosh and dab and zoom.




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