I don’t really like all the fussy technical bits of blogging, so before I do something like suss out how to add a Reader Galley to my site, I thought I should find out if you want one. This poll will remain in the right column (over there —->) until I decide I have enough responses to make an informed decision.

The only prize for voting in the poll is my swooning appreciation of your willingness to share your opinion.

EDITED TO ADD: I just realized this poll does not work in the Opera Browser (my usual browser of choice).  Sorry about that, but I can’t fix it (you did read the part about me not liking all the fussy technical bits of blogging, right?).

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Pfoinkle Pinkbow

I've been a graphic designer for twenty+ years. During that time, I've designed graphics that clients requested and I've designed graphics I thought would be commercially successful.

But here? I'm designing for fun. I hope you like my work.

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator and, occasionally, Adobe Photoshop.

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