Donut Digi Stamps

It’s time to make the donuts — from plain cake to frosted, to frosted with sprinkles, to jellys, to Boston Creme (my personal favorite), this is a great box of hot donuts, fresh out of the oven, er no, I mean fresh out of the fryer, or… um, yeah… my personal experience with donuts is definitely more on the eating side, than the making side. ;)


Click for Free Download: Donut Digi Stamps

Donut Digi Stamps


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Pfoinkle Pinkbow

I've been a graphic designer for twenty+ years. During that time, I've designed graphics that clients requested and I've designed graphics I thought would be commercially successful.

But here? I'm designing for fun. I hope you like my work.

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator and, occasionally, Adobe Photoshop.




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