Jester's Hat

I have mixed emotions about April Fools’ Day.

On the one hand, I hate pranks. Blame the “worst case scenario” loop that constantly runs in my head — I always know precisely how badly something can go.

In other words, it’s all fun and games until you’re in a head-on collision with a bus load of nuns/children/puppies.

On the other hand, in about 1997, I was exposed to my first internet prank — a fake news article of some sort. I don’t recall the details, but  I was totally suckered in and when I finally realized the joke, I thought, “so much less chance of this ending in a collision… not impossible, but…”

So, for those of you love April Fools’ Day, I give you the jester’s hat. And for those wishing to send a clear warning to their prank-prone friends and family, I give the international symbol for, “Don’t Even Think About Screwing with Me.”

Click for Free Download: Jester’s Hat Digi Stamp

Jester's Hat Digi Stamps


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Pfoinkle Pinkbow

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