Doodle Heart Digi Stamp

I’ve been a doodler since the very first class where a teacher expected me to take notes.  I never really understood how “note taking” was a sign of “paying attention” while not taking notes was a sign of “not paying attention,” but I was called on it often enough that I turned to doodling.

Apparently, doodling looks a lot like note taking. ;)

However, I promise, I wasn’t in a class when I doodled this digi stamp heart. ;)

Click for Free Download: Doodle Heart Digi StampDoodle Heart Digi Stamp

Graduation Owl Digi Stamp
Whimsical House Digi Stamp

Pfoinkle Pinkbow

I've been a graphic designer for twenty+ years. During that time, I've designed graphics that clients requested and I've designed graphics I thought would be commercially successful.

But here? I'm designing for fun. I hope you like my work.

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator and, occasionally, Adobe Photoshop.




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