Category: Water Creatures

Fish Digi Stamps

This is a fish. Click for Free Download: Fish Digi Stamps

Seahorse DIgi Stamps

Whenever I see a seahorse I think: this is an example of God’s sense of humor.  Then I think: so, ebola is an example of what, exactly? Hmm. But leaving theology out of it, seahorses are just cool, and fascinating, and funny, and I like them.  So if you stay tuned, you will see more of them right here. Click for Free Download: Seahorse Digi Stamps    

Mermaid Digi Stamp

All mermaids are cool, one way or another.  Apparently not all of them are nice (remember the ones in Harry Potter?), but cool … yup.  Or I’ve always thought so.  Maybe it’s just some weird fixation of my own. Anyway, if you want the authoritative version of what a mermaid really actually truly looks like, you have to ask a sailor, right? Here is my drawing of an authentic sailorman tattoo.  So now you know: this is what a genuine…