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Easter Bunny DIgi Stamps

I’m not sure how this tiny flop-eared bunny will manage to deliver that ginormous egg in time for Easter, but looking into those eyes, I believe he will. This set of free digi stamps comes with and without the “Happy Easter” text. Click for Free Download: Happy Easter Bunny Digi Stamps

Easter Lilies Digi Stamps

The very symbol of Easter: lilies for new life and purity.  (Okay, yes, there are a lot of symbols of Easter, but this is one I especially like.) Click for Free Download:  Easter Lilies Digi Stamps

Doodle Heart Digi Stamp

I’ve been a doodler since the very first class where a teacher expected me to take notes.  I never really understood how “note taking” was a sign of “paying attention” while not taking notes was a sign of “not paying attention,” but I was called on it often enough that I turned to doodling. Apparently, doodling looks a lot like note taking. However, I promise, I wasn’t in a class when I doodled this digi stamp heart. Click for Free…

Easter Rabbit with Egg

Ah.  Found the great big egg.  Dapper bunny’s got it all now: the great big stripey egg, big floppy ears, bow tie — what else could an Easter bunny need to be happy?  Looks like he’s pretty much got it all. Though if he finds another thing or two I won’t be surprised, because he’s fun to draw. Click for Free Download: Easter Rabbit with Egg    

Baby Chick Digi Stamps

When I was a kid, a lot of our family outings involved the opportunity to pet new animals. Yes, it was a time before Mega-Theme-Parks (and cell phones, and the Internet). One such outing included a barn full of baby chicks. A veritable sea of baby chicks. Quite possibly my memory of the enormity of the room (and the vast number of chicks) is colored by my relatively small size at the time. But no matter, because that was when…

Easter Rabbit with Bow Tie

Happiness is found in many different things.  This lucky bunny has all he needs: he knows that happiness comes from great big ears. Also from bow ties — so between one thing and another, he’s all set to have an excellent Easter holiday. Though he might also like to find a great, big, multicolored egg… Click for Free Download: Easter Rabbit Digital Stamp  

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