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Graduation Owl Clipart

So, is the wise old owl wise because he stayed in school or did he stay in school because he’s wise? Either way, it’s obvious he stayed in school long enough to graduate — I mean, they don’t hand out those mortarboards to just anyone.. Click for Free Download: Graduation Owl Digi Stamp    

Baby Chick Digi Stamps

When I was a kid, a lot of our family outings involved the opportunity to pet new animals. Yes, it was a time before Mega-Theme-Parks (and cell phones, and the Internet). One such outing included a barn full of baby chicks. A veritable sea of baby chicks. Quite possibly my memory of the enormity of the room (and the vast number of chicks) is colored by my relatively small size at the time. But no matter, because that was when…

Bear with Flower

Some days I know exactly what I’m going to design before I put stylus to tablet. Other days I make a bear. Click for Free Download: Bear with Flower Digital Stamp

Cute Cockatiel Digital Stamps

I know, I know, I just did the little owl a couple of days ago, but do you see that sweet little face to the left?  He lives in my house, watches over me when I work, and he was rather insistent that cockatiels be represented here at least as much as owls. So, in order to have more cockatiels than owls  allow for those tiel color variations that don’t have cheek patches and/or don’t have two-color wings, there are…

Cute Owl Digital Stamp

Even though I didn’t intend to make a realistic owl when I was designing this piece, I simply had to know how many toes should be showing. It seemed important, but pictures of owl feet were confusing — after looking at several, I still couldn’t tell if there should be two toes or three (per foot). And then I found this: “An Owl’s foot has four toes. When in flight, 3 of these toes face forward, and one backwards. When…

Maneki Neko Digi Stamp

From Wikiepedia: The maneki-neko (Japanese: 招き猫), literally “beckoning cat”) is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman), usually made of ceramic in modern times, which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. In Japan, the Maneki-Neko cat is found in many shops, restaurants, businesses. The “beckoning cat” is believed to bring good fortune to the business  — making this is a great stamp for celebrating a new business venture. In the download, you receive one cat with…

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