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Parrot Digi Stamp

Ever heard the saying “Dyslexics of the world, untie!” Or how about, “Dyslexics have more fnu.” Yeah, yeah, funny, but having grown up with a pretty severe dyslexic, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t fnu at all. I remember this sibling of mine trying and trying to get the correct spelling of the word “pirate.” Just couldn’t get it right — because it sounded too much like “parrot” and because “pirates” and “parrots” always seem to go together…

Tree Frog Digi Stamp

Jewelry as such doesn’t interest me — some I like, some I don’t. Still, there’s one style I do tend to like: Art Nouveau stuff really grabs my imagination.  Some people find it a little creepy, and I get that, but still it’s interesting. Anyway.  This frog is similar to one made in gold by Rene Lalique. (Lalique had a thing about frogs and rhinocerous beetles.  Don’t ask me why.) Click for Free Download: Tree Frog Digi Stamp  

Peacock Digi Stamp

This one will probably look better with color than as pure line art.  But I guess that’s true of any peacock, whether his tail is made of roses or not.   Click for Free Download: Peacock Digi Stamp      

Easter Bunny DIgi Stamps

I’m not sure how this tiny flop-eared bunny will manage to deliver that ginormous egg in time for Easter, but looking into those eyes, I believe he will. This set of free digi stamps comes with and without the “Happy Easter” text. Click for Free Download: Happy Easter Bunny Digi Stamps

Rockatiel Digi Stamp

I have a cockatiel.  It’s not my fault. In fact, he’s turned out to be a lot smarter and more affectionate than I thought a three-ounce bird could be.  But sometimes he shrieks and squawks and hollers and generally acts like a rock star.  And just like a rock star, there’s absolutely no shutting him up. This picture is probably how he sees himself.  Maybe not.  But anyway, it’s how he sounds. Click for Free Download: Rockatiel Digi Stamp

Porch Owl Digi Stamp

I often leave the screen door open on my sun porch.  This little guy flew in and it took him a little while to find his way back out.  I couldn’t really help him: if I’d gone out there, all  I would have done is send him into a panic.  So I watched for a few minutes from inside.  No problem: he worked it out. Tiny little guy, maybe five inches long to the tips of his tail feathers.  Cute…

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