Author: Pfoinkle Pinkbow

Whimsical House Digital Stamp

As long as I don’t have to live in one, I love wonky, crookedy, whimsical houses. This house is based on a smaller one I originally designed for a paper craft project.  I love all the different personalities that appear with nothing more than a new coat of paint. Click for Free Download: Whimsical House Download

Doodle Heart Digi Stamp

I’ve been a doodler since the very first class where a teacher expected me to take notes.  I never really understood how “note taking” was a sign of “paying attention” while not taking notes was a sign of “not paying attention,” but I was called on it often enough that I turned to doodling. Apparently, doodling looks a lot like note taking. However, I promise, I wasn’t in a class when I doodled this digi stamp heart. Click for Free…

Graduation Owl Clipart

So, is the wise old owl wise because he stayed in school or did he stay in school because he’s wise? Either way, it’s obvious he stayed in school long enough to graduate — I mean, they don’t hand out those mortarboards to just anyone.. Click for Free Download: Graduation Owl Digi Stamp    

Birthday Cupcake Digi Stamp

Ah, the humble cupcake. When piled up properly, it features the perfect cake-to-frosting ratio — a ratio previously only experienced by the four people lucky enough to get a “corner.” But now, everyone, yes, everyone can have it. The cupcake is all about equality. Click for Free Download: Birthday Cupcake Clipart  

Baby Chick Digi Stamps

When I was a kid, a lot of our family outings involved the opportunity to pet new animals. Yes, it was a time before Mega-Theme-Parks (and cell phones, and the Internet). One such outing included a barn full of baby chicks. A veritable sea of baby chicks. Quite possibly my memory of the enormity of the room (and the vast number of chicks) is colored by my relatively small size at the time. But no matter, because that was when…

Jester's Hat

I have mixed emotions about April Fools’ Day. On the one hand, I hate pranks. Blame the “worst case scenario” loop that constantly runs in my head — I always know precisely how badly something can go. In other words, it’s all fun and games until you’re in a head-on collision with a bus load of nuns/children/puppies. On the other hand, in about 1997, I was exposed to my first internet prank — a fake news article of some sort…

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