Author: Mr. Pfoinkle

Mermaid Digi Stamp

All mermaids are cool, one way or another.  Apparently not all of them are nice (remember the ones in Harry Potter?), but cool … yup.  Or I’ve always thought so.  Maybe it’s just some weird fixation of my own. Anyway, if you want the authoritative version of what a mermaid really actually truly looks like, you have to ask a sailor, right? Here is my drawing of an authentic sailorman tattoo.  So now you know: this is what a genuine…

Rockatiel Digi Stamp

I have a cockatiel.  It’s not my fault. In fact, he’s turned out to be a lot smarter and more affectionate than I thought a three-ounce bird could be.  But sometimes he shrieks and squawks and hollers and generally acts like a rock star.  And just like a rock star, there’s absolutely no shutting him up. This picture is probably how he sees himself.  Maybe not.  But anyway, it’s how he sounds. Click for Free Download: Rockatiel Digi Stamp

Easter Lilies Digi Stamps

The very symbol of Easter: lilies for new life and purity.  (Okay, yes, there are a lot of symbols of Easter, but this is one I especially like.) Click for Free Download:  Easter Lilies Digi Stamps

Porch Owl Digi Stamp

I often leave the screen door open on my sun porch.  This little guy flew in and it took him a little while to find his way back out.  I couldn’t really help him: if I’d gone out there, all  I would have done is send him into a panic.  So I watched for a few minutes from inside.  No problem: he worked it out. Tiny little guy, maybe five inches long to the tips of his tail feathers.  Cute…

Mushrooms Digi Stamps

These are just fun to draw, that’s all. Mushrooms as such are surreal; and where I live, they take about five minutes to get as big as a dinner plate. Or, okay, a dessert plate, but still … I’m betting that one day they’ll take over the world just as they’ve taken over my neighbor’s side yard. Click for Free Download: Mushrooms Digi Stamps      

Easter Rabbit with Egg

Ah.  Found the great big egg.  Dapper bunny’s got it all now: the great big stripey egg, big floppy ears, bow tie — what else could an Easter bunny need to be happy?  Looks like he’s pretty much got it all. Though if he finds another thing or two I won’t be surprised, because he’s fun to draw. Click for Free Download: Easter Rabbit with Egg    

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